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Can I give my dog ice cubes and frozen treats?

Debunking an Urban myth - And it all started with a dog called Baran in 2010.

For years a post has circulated around social media, it was first seen in 2010 after an article was posted about a dog named Baran who was given iced water to drink to help him beat the heat and cool down.

Not long after he had to be rushed to the vets as he had started to bloat. If you read the whole story, particulary the paragraph in bold it stated he was overheated and probably had heatstroke. This is why the vet who saw him said he shouldn't have been given the iced water.

It has caused major controvesy for years however, there are also numerous articles by vets such as Vets Now and animal charities such as Blue Cross , RSPCA etc who have quite clearly said it's perfectly safe and that as long as your dog is fit and healthy and isn't suffering from heatstroke it's a great way to cool them down.

SO...go grab some ice cubes and pop them in your dog's water bowl or freeze some yummy treats in yogurt.

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